If you’re looking to create spaces for creativity…bring some life and zing to an otherwise boring wall, then you’ve come to the right place.  Coz, here am going to talk about how one can transform an empty wall into creative board!  Not just a one timer, static creative board but rather some kind that can be quickly erased and re-drawn at a drop of a hat.  Sounds Interesting? Let’s find out.

Glass Board for meeting roomsEvolution of the Board

Today, chalkboards are long forgotten. Walk into a school classroom and you will see the use of whiteboards. In modern workspaces where open-doors and spaces are trending you will find yourself surrounded by glass – clear transparent panels of glass. Not only do these glass panels provide sound barriers, they also serve as writing boards. Colleagues are thus facilitated to get up, wander to a wall, and have an impromptu discussion with a coworker or jot down some ideas simply by using whiteboard markers.

Graffiti on a Glass board

Imagine what it would be like to have your workplace glass whiteboard at home? One that is big enough to continue penning down ideas, design and artwork for people to see. A board that allows you to simply erase and re-do/re-draw. What’s more? This board could serve as a canvas for you and your family allowing their creativity to flow. Now, you can give your children reason to scribble and draw through your very own glass whiteboard graffiti wall without having to worry about them messing up walls and floors.

Applications of a Graffiti Glass Wall

The above mentioned boards not only last a lifetime always excelling in performance and style but also allow silky smooth writing and effortless erasing.  Such practicality could also be extended to not just the work place or homes, but also outdoor to preschools and community centers where both discussions and academic sessions can take place in the open.

Apart from making things more practical, these glass boards add to the aesthetic beauty of the environment; giving the room a more sophisticated and modern look. Here in Singapore, we see a growing number of work places implementing these glass boards. From the regular size of a whiteboard to a full wall, the practical applications of such boards have changed the dynamics of work and communication.

What is needed to install an outdoor Glass Board

The successful use of a glass board transformed into a graffiti wall can be done through a planned and thorough installation. Once the fixtures are in place this wall would last you almost timelessly. Listed below are the main accessories necessary to install a glass board that is both practical and able to withstand any weather conditions. Some of the crucial fittings needed for an outdoor installation have also been highlighted

  1. Thick white tempered glass
  2. Stainless steel wall mounting glass clamps
  3. Wall mounted stainless steel metal panel
  4. Tray for paints, rollers
  5. Stainless steel water tray for washing glass (for Outdoor Glass Boards)
  6. Stainless steel tray water trough (for Outdoor Glass Boards)
  7. Drainage pipes (for Outdoor Glass Boards)

Installing a large sized glass board in your home/office or outdoor common spaces can certainly help to construct creative spaces for your family/colleagues and community members to express themselves. Once you have ensured that the board is set-up efficiently, keeping all specifications in mind, you can enjoy its benefits in the long-term.