Broken Glass Window and DoorsGlass is a multi-purpose material catering to a variety of needs in its own unique way.  It can add beauty to, protect and transform any surface.  Nevertheless, due to its nature, glass breakage is something that’s inevitable.  Today, the replacement of damaged or broken glass is economical, quick and relatively simple.

The reasons for a glass replacement job can be numerous.  The need to replace that which is damaged is an obvious one.  Apart from which, due to the rapidly evolving glass industry, there are always newer and better options to choose from so an upgrade to a change of style and colour, can also be a probable cause.

The technique of glass replacement though simple requires certain skills and know-how.  The aim is to accomplish the job swiftly, smoothly and safely.  The replacement glass is always of the same size and thickness of the original piece unless there are any major design changes involved.  Most glass pieces are heavy and therefore require physical strength to handle.  Safety precautions are essential when handling glass and accurate alignment is mandatory.

Glass can be replaced from any place of original installation including partitions, cubicles, windows, display panels, mirrors and more.

Replacing Glass PanelsRebuilding or Replacement

Replacement of glass implies that the window or glass piece to be substituted is of the same dimensions as its new form.  In this case, the frame or design of the actual structure is not altered in any way.

A rebuilding job on the other hand, involves a completely new structure or framework and offers the luxury of innovation.  Rebuilding doesn’t restrict the change and opens up the alteration to innumerable possibilities.

Hence, in most cases, if the requirement is to merely restore a damaged piece, glass replacement is undertaken.  But if the need is to upgrade one’s glass experience, then rebuilding is required.

Modern Glass Options

Some contemporary options for glass rebuilding and replacement tasks:

  • Acrylic glass or Plexiglass : Lightweight but strong
  • Polycarbonate or Lexan glass: Tough and transparent thermoplastic
  • Laminated or Safety glass: Pieces of glass melded together with heat and pressure
  • Tempered glass: Toughened, safety glass that doesn’t break into sharp jagged pieces
  • Insulated window glass: Traps air in the space between two sheets of glass like an insulator

We at HouseOfGlass undertake all kinds of rebuilding and replacement assignments for our clients.  So, whether it’s a new set of windows and doors that you are trying to install or if it’s a shattered glass partition that you’re trying to replace,  our experienced staff is equipped to carry out any small and large scale job with equal expertise.  Our services are ideal for all residential and commercial projects.