Clear, unobstructed and user friendly access are a must for any commercial establishment.  And Automatic Sliding Glass Doors offer just that.  A sleek foyer entrance, welcoming shop front or an inviting frontage for an event, are just some of the end-benefits Sliding Glass Doors provide.

Coupled with a robust, automated open-close slide mechanism such systems give a hassle-free access to customers and employees alike.  Separating inviting indoor settings from the outside world with a transparent yet secure entrance.

Automatic Door Systems for Commercial Applications

The uninterrupted glide mechanism for the Glass Leaf panels is made possible with a top Aluminium profile which encloses a new drive, high-quality DC brushless motor, gear box, helical gears, wheels and a high wear & tear structural design that gives reliable, quiet operation with longer life.

Modular design with easy connect to power supply makes installation a relatively simple affair.  In addition, our Door Systems feature a Manual Operation option as well in the event you do not want to install a sensor for indoor applications.

While applications for auto doors are many and wide-ranging, they are ideal for Supermarkets, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Building entrances and Office lobbies.  Such applications are a norm in an urban and smart city like Singapore.

Sliding Doors at Sheng Siong

Components & Pricing of a typical Auto Sliding Door System (MBS-90A)

Top profile of sliding door system

Parts list of MBS-90A:

  • Controller
  • Motor and transmission
  • Hardware
  • Accessories
  • Belt and clip assembly
  • Rail and cover(4.2M)
  • Wiring Devices
  • Stop Positioner
  • Tensioning Wheel
  • Glass Clip (240mm x 4 pcs)
  • Microwave Sensor (2 pcs)
  • Safety Sensor (1 pcs)
  • Key Switch (1 pcs)
  • Wireless press button (1 pcs)

Auto Glass Door Operation Mechanism

Our Door Operator (Duke 90-S) designed & assembled in Singapore is ideal for commercial storefront sliding doors. It is controlled by a robust system which consists of –

  • Belt to facilitate gear transmission
  • Controller which accepts sensor signals upon detection of the human body, drives the motor to control gate movement. It works on the standard 220 volts of power supply and does not require use of transformer.
  • Motor & Transmission Equipment consisting of a compact powerful brushless DC motor, gear box with brush of high transmission efficiency, low noise helical gear that drives the belt module
  • Hanger Group which houses the in-door wheel that moves along the aluminium guide rail, and can carry the weight of a large door leaf of up to 150 kg
  • Stop Bit Body made of high quality steel plate composition that restricts the free door open width, stopping on the rubber block to absorb shock

System Features

The Duke 90-S offers either a single or double (bi-parting) panel sliding system, that includes

  1. Fully extruded Aluminium housing with track
  2. Powerful DC motor with tooth belt system and pulley, roller brackets and end stoppers
  3. Controller unit with connector board and cables
  4. Adjustable speed timing control
  5. Door hanger brackets and top rails for frameless glass if required
  6. Two normal sensors or wired press buttons if required
  7. One set of safety sensor
  8. Floor guides
  9. Four selectable key switch control AUTO / FULLY OPEN / EXIT / LOCK or remote-control over-ride switch
  10. ON/OFF power supply switch inside auto door housing
  11. Doors can be manually operated with ease in the event of power failure

Optional Features & Functionalities

  • Battery pack with controller to open doors fully in the event of power failure with auto reset when power resumes.
  • Doors fully open in the event of fire alarm activation with auto reset when alarm panel is reset.
  • Able to interface with security access system (a normally open dry contact to be provided to our control panel by security contractor)

Price for Double Leaf Auto Doors –

  • 12 mm thick clear tempered glass; Size 2000mm W x 2400mm H at $3,000 nett  
  • 11.52 mm thick clear tempered laminated glass; Size 2000mm W x 2400mm H at $3,200 nett
  • 11.52 mm thick translucent (frosted) tempered laminated glass; Size 2000mm W x 2400mm H at $3,400 nett

Locations of installation for our Automatic Door Systems

  • Lady M at Westgate
  • MDIS at Dhoby Ghaut
  • Sheng Siong Supermarkets at AMK ITE, 338 Anchorvale Crescent, Fajar, Loyang & 17B Circuit Road
  • Vision Law at Chinatown Point
  • Kwan Inn Vegetarian Restaurant
  • 336 Tanjong Katong Rd
  • Chye Heng Huat at Senoko South Road
  • S & K Solid Wood Doors at Toh Guan Road East
  • KCG Office at 20 Anson Road
  • Foodcourt at 1 Yuan Ching Rd
  • U-Star Supermarket at 817 Keat Hong Link and 211 Rangoon Road
Foodcourt Glass Entrance

While Auto Glass Door Systems are a preferred choice and highly recommended for outdoor entrances and access to internal facility sections, we have customised configurations for small indoor applications as well.  At House Of Glass our expertise in such systems and implementation partners which are recognised by BizSAFE have made us a go to place for such requirements.