As sophistication in the construction method grows conventional materials such as wall, metal and wooden railings are being constantly replaced by Glass Railings.  Glass (of sufficient thickness) is now being frequently used as a preferred material for installing handrails in majority of applications, not only in commercial and business settings but also in homes.  Because, they present a chic outlook of the décor, make the space expansive and at the same time deliver the intended purpose of safety & support.

Railings are an essential part of every interior or exterior construction since ages.  Handrails, typically are used as the basic safety, support feature for protection against falls.  Be it staircases, balconies, corridors or open terraces; strong railings are a requirement according to most of the local regulations and a mainstay of safety guidelines.

In Singapore, Glass Railings can be commonly found for interiors as well as exteriors

Glass Railing for outdoor corridorIn Exterior applications

For unobstructed view of the surroundings, without feeling separated from the landscape, Glass Railings are a preferred choice for –

  • Balconies in apartments and landed homes
  • Patio deck fencing
  • Common areas such as swimming pool, roof tops in condominiums


Wood Top glass handrailIn Interior applications

By the virtue of its transparency, glass gives a sense of greater space and visibility indoors.  Thereby, Glass Railings are used in –

  • Handrails for staircases in multi-storey terrace houses, bungalows and commercial establishments
  • Walkways of upper floors in Office buildings
  • Shopping Malls to enable shoppers to look and window shop across different levels



Styling Options

There are various ways to style Glass Railings in order to match with the look & feel of the décor.  You may toy with the shape of the top rail which can either be round, oval or straight in shape; and select type of material that goes well with the shape such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Wood, etc; or simply install a topless Glass Railing, great for views outside the pool or high rise terraces.

Shapes of Handrail



Besides the top rail tubing options, you also have a choice to decide the setup – either have a bottom railing to hold the glass panels side to side without any vertical supports; or opt for metallic column supports.  With column supports you also have the option to fit shorter panels with metallic glass clips, thus doing away with the need for bottom rails altogether.

Fixing Glass Railings is a delicate task that needs skillful hands.  The glass has to be put in place with precise fitting so that there’s no scope of shifting or movement later.  Our experienced workers are apt in this job having done many installations over the years.  Based on our past wisdom and years of experience in fitting railings, we’ll recommend you the most appropriate thickness and type of safety glass so as to ensure a sturdy, stylish yet safe solution.


Solid sheets of glass of 0.5 inch or more in thickness used in Glass Railing are incredibly sturdy and can provide the required support & safety for years to come.  Contrary to decay and corrosion problems experienced in wooden and metal railings, glass is a long lasting option when it comes to maintenance.  Besides the simple wiping needed to maintain a clean, swanky look; Glass railings are a hassle free choice.

We at HouseOfGlass offer a range of Glass Railings options to pick and choose from.  Our expertise in delivering such services has made us a preferred vendor in Singapore for many commercial, business and residential projects over the years.