Living Room with mirror wallMirror Walls offer an extra dimension and the illusion of vastness to any room.  They are ideal for smaller apartments in the main living areas or more compact bedrooms.  In some homes you may find Mirror Walls against staircases.  This clever trick makes each step look wider and provides a sense of added safety, especially in a narrow stairwell.

Apart from which mirrors are of course, used to check one’s appearance.  Hence the usage of Mirror Glass is considered fashionable in makeup or fashion studios, and boutiques.  They are also popular in dance and aerobic studios.

We at HouseOfGlass specialise in the supply of Mirror Glass and also erecting, installing of Mirror Walls. The mirrors used are usually thicker than the normal bathroom mirror.  The ones mounted on wardrobes and living room walls usually possess a slight hue or colour unlike the totally translucent mirrors.

Glass Mirrors for Mirror Walls

We recommend the following three kinds of glass mirrors for your Walls –

  1. Safety glass mirror – Made by a special protective film applied to the back of a silver glass mirror made from safety glass.  This can be used for doors, glass walls, commercial shelves or furniture.
  2. Silver glass mirror – Ordinary glass, coated on its back surface with silver.  Can be used for furniture, bathroom and other decorative purposes.
  3. Silkscreen printed glass mirror – A decorative variety in which coloured ink patterns are applied through a screen.  It is durable, moisture resistant and can be used for mirrors, table tops, doors, and windows.

Ideas for Mirror Walls

Studio with MirrorWall to wall mirrors give the impression of a huge limitless space. They add to the charm of any room in a home, office or restaurant.  The sense of tranquillity can be heightened in a room painted in soothing shades of blue or green that has one or two walls made of pure mirror.

Likewise if one places a mirror wall opposite a window in a room, rather than next to it, the room naturally looks more illuminated. Mirror Walls in children’s bedrooms add to the brightness and colour of the premise. They are also highly recommended for a residential or professional gymnasium, yoga or dance studio.

A mirror wall can be made the focal point of any room by placing attractive artefacts or plants against it.  If a wall opposite a blind turn in a home or office is mirrored, this can be useful for safety reasons.

Mirror Wall Setup Cost Estimates

To help Singapore homeowners get an idea of the cost involved in doing Mirror Walls in their homes here are two sample project scope with the price information –

Project 1: Install a full Wall Mirror at the Dining area

  • Glass Material: 6 mm clear mirror with edge polish
  • Dimension: 3800 mm L x 2600 mm H (panel to be segmented)
  • Other Materials: 9mm plywood backing & aluminium trimming
  • Total Cost: S$ 2200 approx. for supply and installation

Project 2: Frameless Wall Mirror

  • Glass Material: 5 mm clear mirror with edge polish
  • Dimension: 2710 mm x 3560 mm
  • Other Materials: 9mm plywood backing & s/s trimming
  • Total Cost: S$ 1250 for Mirror Only plus $ 950 (for plywood backing & trimming) includes supply and installation.

Do note the above are rough estimates the price will vary depending on your actual requirements

About Mirrors and their Maintenance

A mirror is brought into existence when a reflective coat is applied to a suitable substrate or base material.  The most common base is glass, owing to its clear quality and natural ease of production.  Glass has a firmness that enables a smooth finish that’s ideal for mirror treatment.  The coating intended to cover the glass evenly is usually made of non-toxic silver or aluminium, followed by a series of coatings such as Tin (II) Chloride, Silver, a Chemical Activator, Copper and Paint.

Each component has its unique function: The tin (II) chloride is required as silver is unable to bond directly with glass.  The tin and silver also provide the highly reflective surface that is vital for a mirror.  The chemical activator assists the tin and silver in hardening.  Copper plays the role of ensuring durability while the paint protects the coating from scratches.  All work in unison to create the perfect mirror!

In the commercial context, one may use aluminium instead of silver.  Mirrors for lasers or telescopes are also constructed along the same guidelines, but with finer precision and detailing.

Lastly, Cleaning and general upkeep of Mirror Walls is a breeze, one just needs to first spray a little warm water or detergent on the surface.  And then wipe clean with a soft cloth, paper towels or newspaper.  However, one must refrain from using any acidic, alkaline or abrasive substances to clean mirrors.  Mirror Walls exposed for extended periods of time to high humidity or chemical fumes may lose their shine, reflectiveness and become less effective over time.

We offer a wide range of Mirror Walls in all sizes and varied thicknesses.  We also assist in the decorative aspects of your interiors by suggesting and customizing the Mirror Glass.  Our installation techniques are on par with the best in the industry.