Frosted Glass is an opaque glass made through a process which roughens or obscures its clear surface.  It produces the effect of scattering light during transmission, thereby blurring images.  Frosted glass is commonly used to obtain visual privacy because it admits light without allowing people to see through.

With the variety of materials available in the market for partitions, blinds & curtains, it is difficult to choose and make a sound decision to suit your requirements in a shop, office or home.  Before deciding you should consider important factors such as –

  • Sound
  • Light
  • Privacy
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Maintenance

After going through the above points you would probably choose the versatility of Frosted Glass compiled with a lot more choices in colors, designs, patters and textures.

In offices and bed rooms, the use of contemporary curtains or blinds could give an uncomfortable feeling.  On the other hand, Frosted Glass keeps a room/office illuminated and friendly allowing you to be at ease.  It enhances the beauty of windows, doors, cabinets etc.  It is also commonly used for entrance areas of homes and buildings, in order to avoid unwanted exposure.

Sandblasted Frosted GlassFrosting patterns can be simple or extensive; it may range from floral, geometric to customer designs depending on the ideology and requirements of the clients.  And this can be done on windows, doors, mirrors, glassware, on glass of any color/type to make it look striking and distinctive.

Frosted glass or opaque glass is produced mainly by 3 methods – Sandblasting, Acid Etching or using Vinyl films


One of the most popular ways to create Frosted Glass, Sandblasting is done by propelling very fine bits of material at high-speed to etch a surface.  Due to this glass becomes slightly opaque and white.  This technique merged with stencils, can create a variety of lovely patterns, where the covered portions remain clear and the sandblasted portions takes the frosted look.   Sandblasting can be used to frost an entire sheet of glass for installation in places like bathrooms and areas where people might want full privacy. 

Acid Etched Frosted Glass


Acid-etching is another popular way to create a frosted look in glass.  This is done by washing glass in a bath of hydrofluoric acid or coating a pane of glass in acid cream, which creates a translucent satin appearance that obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance.  It can be done in a variety of textures, opacities and is more durable.  By using stencils, you can create different textures, designs & patters on glass.  Patterned glass is commonly seen in ornamental windows, mirrors & vases.



Vinyl FilmFilms for Glass Frosting

Film is a simple adhesive sticker that can be applied to windows and on any other type of glass in order to create a frosted look.  Film is easy to apply and resembles the real thing.  It can be installed in minutes, looks great for years, easy to clean and is removable.  The films are available in variety of shades, colors and designs.  They let in the natural light, while maintaining privacy, giving an interesting new look to a window or door.  The vinyl film can also serve as a stencil on the glass surface.  Photo resistant film may be produced to mask off the area surrounding a decorative design, or logo on the glass surface.


Like other types of glass, Frosted Glass is also able to withstand the general wear and tear of everyday use.  Film if applied to the glass’s surface (for frosting), does not shrink, curl or bubble due to heat/cold or even water.  It can be easily cleaned and kept sparklingly new in all weather conditions which makes it a safe and easy to maintain option.

Frosted Glass is a frequently used building material in interior and exterior renovation work.  Applications of Frosted Glass in commercial establishments include –

  • Area Partitions
  • Cubicles & Cabins
  • Conference & Meeting Rooms
  • Customized Entrances
  • Large Display Panels
  • Doors & Windows 

Residential applications would include –

  • Home Décor
  • Indoor Partitions
  • Cabinets
  • Designer Windows & Doors

We at HouseOfGlass have a plethora of options for fulfilling Frosted Glass requirements.  With a deep understanding of every aspect of Glass work, our devoted team of technicians can help you right from planning, designing and execution.