Frosting on Glass DoorsFrosted glass is beauty enhanced glass.  Its attractive opaque finish can be put to numerous uses in the home or office.  It serves two primary purposes – one is to decorate and the other to offer privacy.  Frosted glass lets in light while restricting the view.  Therefore, it can be found in many Singaporean clinics, salons, entryways and bathrooms.  Frosting can even be applied to any coloured glass to make it more eye catching.  Many consider it a much sleeker and cleaner option to curtains and blinds.

Frosted glass has the flexibility to suit any décor or architectural plan, complements traditional concepts as well as it matches with the more modern or abstract design ideas.

Frosting processes

The frosted effect is attained through acid etching or sand blasting.  These techniques blur the clear glass sheet which has been treated, thus blocking the images.  Acid etching helps to create a decorative pattern which can be placed on ornamental windows, around mirrors and other glass items or walls at the home or workplace.  Popular designs include floral patterns or geometrical shapes.  There are however no restrictions in frosted creativity and we will be able to cater to most of your aesthetic needs.

Sandblasting is undertaken on an entire sheet of glass and commonly finds it place on bathroom doors, bath tub enclosures and shower cubicles.

Vinyl film applied to a sheet of glass can act as a kind of stencil.  The stencil is taped to the glass surface and canned frost is sprayed on the entire area.  The stencil can then be pulled off to reveal a perfect, crisp pattern.  Photo-resistant film can also be used to mask or block the area surrounding the design, or logo on the glass surface.

Other ways to Frost

  1. A mixture of magnesium sulphate is applied to the glass.  Upon drying, the sulphate crystallizes into a fine needle-like design.
  2. A strong solution of warmed sodium or magnesium sulphate is applied, followed with a thinned solution of acacia.
  3. White lead and oil, painted on to create a smooth or jagged effect.  This is a more permanent technique

Applications for Glass Frosting

Glass frosting can be used for numerous applications.  It could be frosting the top halves of windows for soft light infiltration into a living room or bedroom or small frosted window in the middle of a door in a dark hallway.  Frosted windows on either side of the main door of a house could add ample light and privacy, while frosted sliding doors from the backyard/balcony into the house can also serve the same purpose.

Frosted Glass in MeetingFrosted effects can also be applied to –

  • Doors on storage cabinets to restrict view of the contents
  • Bathroom windows or shower doors or even
  • Glass dividers in offices and clinics
  • Light bulbs for even distribution of soft light
  • Mirrors or glass in home bar areas
  • Partitions to separate recreation area from the living room
  • Glass Corporate logo/brand name on entry doors
  • Glass signage or logo in reception area or conference room at the workplace


We at HouseOfGlass offer a wide array of design options for your frosted glass needs.  Our creative team work closely with all clients to arrive at the best possible option.  We provide Glass Frosting services to any home or office set-up.