• Type Of Glass - Tinted
  • Type Of Glass - Frosted
  • Type Of Glass - Laminated

Range of Glass Types

Stockists of various categories of Glass.  We have a selection ranging from safety to decorative types of the desired  specification readily available or even custom made as per your requirements.

Glass has become one of the mainstays of building materials along with iron, steel and concrete.  From Curtain Wall Systems that project the shiny exteriors of modern buildings to the ubiquitous panels that adorn doors and windows in the interiors, Glass today offers vast amounts of versatility for decoration options at the same time providing durability and structural soundness needed for safety and security.  By allowing unrestricted flow of natural light indoors, it also plays its part in environmental friendly architectural designs such as Skylights, Roof tops and Awnings.

A range of Glass Types are available for the architects and interior decorators today to choose from and to bring reality the dreams of the discerning home owner.  At HouseOfGlass, we stock an array of quality Glass products of varying specifications and sizes that can be delivered at short notice.

Some of the common Types of Glass that we supply are –

  1. Frosted Glass
  2. Laminated Glass
  3. Stained Glass
  4. Tempered Glass
  5. Tinted Glass
  6. Fritted Glass

Get in touch with us today for a friendly discussion, we’ll be happy to share with you more details on our product range along with a no obligation quote.