Did you think Glass Roofs are meant to be only for conservatories and greenhouses? Think again! Glass is becoming a prevalent means for roofing solutions these days.  One can see more and more rooftops of homes and buildings being adorned by Skylights and Glass.

Advantages of Glass Roofing

Glass SkylightA Glass Roof is one unique feature that can bring abundance of natural light into your interiors thereby not only helping in energy savings but also providing stunning exterior views.  By allowing daylight to enter your room from top, far beyond the traditional windows and wall, Glass Roofs are an excellent option to reduce your electricity bills.  Not to mention the expanse of space that a transparent roof brings to the indoors.  Besides interiors, Glass Roofs are an ideal choice to cover even outdoor areas and decks with openness, visibility and at the same time giving protection against the elements.  Not only does it perform the typical function of an Awning but also extends the same to convert the outdoor space into a conservatory or entertainment area.

With the construction industry in Singapore being geared towards environment friendliness and green building, installing Glass Roofs is the right choice to participate in such efforts and reap the benefits of better aesthetics, better colour and better definition of space.  Hence, nowadays it’s not uncommon to see new Shopping malls, Office towers and other big projects include Skylights and transparent roofing as part of their architecture design.

Singapore Glass RoofSome other benefits that have been realized by employing Glass Roofing –

  • Ceiling of Glass helps create a sun-filled sanctuary that lets your indoor greenery & flora to flourish
  • Swimming pools with a transparent roof that let you swim be it rain or shine, at the same time allowing patrons to sunbath
  • Ability to lighten dark corners of the house such as attics and lofts making them productive

Installation and Upkeep of Glass Roofs

For smaller applications, a framework of vertical posts and roof trusses with proper sealing of glass panels to the frames is sufficient to setup a Glass Roofing.  For building projects, installation of the roof has to be planned as per the architecture design specifications and taken up during the fenestration phase of construction.


Glass roofs are relatively easier to maintain, for the tropical weather in Singapore rain is one of the obvious and free cleaning methods.  Additionally –

  • Occasional cleaning with mild soap water helps to keep off the dust & grime which may otherwise limit the passage of light making the interiors gloomy
  • Removal of leaf litter and other debris, if the roofing happens to be at a lower level
  • Checking for any moving parts, cracks, leakages, etc

Replacement Cost Estimates in case of Breakage

glass roofing panel replacementBesides maintenance, in the event of breakage of the panels due to falling debris here is a rough price guide for the repair work –

Work Type: Broken Glass Roofing Panel

  • Glass Material: 13.52 mm clear tempered laminated SGP glass with edge polish
  • Dimension: 1550 mm x 3500 mm – Jumbo glass
  • Total Cost: S$ 3800 onwards for supply and installation along with dismantling & disposal of broken glass

Do note the above are rough estimates the price will vary depending on your actual requirements

At House Of Glass we have helped install Glass Roofs for a variety of applications ranging from landed homes to building projects.  Besides the supply of Glass, our capability in metal works ensures that the setup of Skylights and roof windows are structurally sound.  Our roofing systems are guaranteed for leakage or any other defects on account of the stringent quality procedures that we follow.