Glass Works

Turning plain Glass into works of art and function through Cutting, Etching and other methods to beautify your interiors and exteriors.

Glass processing and treatment is a wide discipline that can range from Cutting using sophisticated abrasive Waterjet machinery to Staining by hand painting, kiln baking in order to achieve the desired hue and design.  The increase in widespread usage of Glass not only as a building material but also as element of ornamentation has expanded the scope and complexity of Glass Works that are carried out by Suppliers and Service providers.  Just as the cutting method for Annealed Glass is very different from that of Tempered Glass, similarly there are more than one ways to achieve Frosting on a sheet of Glass – it could by Etching, Sandblasting or simply by applying the right type of vinyl films

Besides the precision machinery and tools required for fabricate quality products and speedy order execution, Glass Companies also need to have an experienced workforce with the relevant skills in order to achieve excellence and deliver orders as per agreed timelines.

We are a Singapore based Glass Company that takes pride in meeting our Customer’s requirements in the area of Glass treatment and processing works.  We provide fabrication services for Glass products such as –

  1. Glass Cutting
  2. Glass Etching
  3. Glass Frosting
  4. Glass Tinting

Besides the above we have provided many other Glass processing customized as per our clients requirements.