Sticker Signage’s on Glass – an elegant necessity

What is it about glass which makes it a magical medium? I wonder if it is its durability, its recyclable quality or just sheer beauty.  It’s rather a delightful combination of all these qualities that glass is now not just used as windows or show pieces anymore. On the contrary, glass is sculpted and styled to make doors, panels, walls and furniture, in fact entire structures and buildings are fashioned from glass!

The Need for Glass Signage

The quality glass you use for your store front window, cubicle partition, or a door of your business place can be an ideal canvas for sticker signage,

Signage serve a multitude of purposes.  It can range from acting as livery and insignia for your corporate image, give directions and notifications to an undiscerning visitor, or simply be put to safeguard people from walking into a glass wall unknowingly!

In Singapore, signage are typically used for –

  • Display your business name and logo
  • Showcase personnel names and designations
  • Mark entrances, exits, and restrooms
  • Give directions
  • Enhance and beautify with graphics and murals
  • Display a message or notification and so on

Sticker options that can be used for Signage:

There’s ample of choice with convenient, popular and classy permanent window sign decals or stickers such as clear Vinyl Stickers, Frosted Glass Stickers and Static Cling.  So, go ahead and choose the type best suited to your glass needs.

a)      Vinyl Stickers: Vinyl stickers are a kind of glass sticker signage which have adhesive backing that can be stuck to any glass surface on the outside, the inside or even from the inside facing out.  These are the kinds used on cars, window fronts in shops and offices too. When first the sticker is applied, you have room to reposition it slightly, but once the adhesive becomes firm, they cannot be moved.

b)      Frosted Glass Stickers: These are also referred to as opaque decals with adhesive – wherever the design does not cover it will be an opaque white giving the impression of a frosted window.  Visibility through frosted glass stickers is obscured by the opacity of the non-printed area. They are aesthetically perfect for visually appealing signage.

c)      Static Clings: Static window clings are just the thing if you are looking to put up a temporary sign or for short-term business advertising.  Without adhesive, they attach through the static charge of the signage and the glass, and you can easily peel them off without having to go through the effort of washing away the residue.  Static clings available in clear or opaque, is a must-have option for seasonal sales and promoting newly launched products.

Where to place the Signage?

The purpose of any signage is to catch attention, so it’s smart to opt for contrasting colours and apply them in spots where they can stand out and give you maximum visibility.

After all, the quality of the glass as well as signage directly reflects the image of your company.