Think ‘stained glass’ and what does it conjure up? Harps and angels, possibly…!

But the fact is that the art of stained glass has gracefully stepped out of the church and into the homes, shopping malls and boutique stores of Singapore more than 2 decades ago.  Spreading its beauty far and wide, stained glass art works with light, hence empowering your space with a magically illuminating air.

If you have ever thought of introducing stained glass into your life, then it’s definitely your inner artistic being expressing itself.  Though traditional by nature, contemporary uses of stained glass are unlimited.  From the obvious windows and doors, shower cubicles, to wall and ceiling highlighters and even in babies’ nurseries, stained glass has found its place via multiple applications.

Apart from adding aesthetic appeal, stained glass also assists in maintaining privacy.

Here are four attention-grabbing ways in which you can add to the vibrancy of your interiors with the clever use of stained glass panels and pieces:

Floor and Pavement Tiles

Stained glass peices

Stained glass for pavement

Stained glass can form a bold pattern in the heart of your living room or be embedded in your garden path leading to the front door.  Either way, stained glass segments unexpectedly appearing below the feet is a beautiful way to add glamour to your home.  This idea also works well for attractive poolside decor in your landed home property.

Strategically positioned lights installed against the assorted pieces can create an exquisite hue post sundown.  Create a surreal staircase with stained glass installed into each level and amaze your friends and family.

Stained Glass Framed Mirrors

Well placed mirrors in the entrance of your condo, the dining area or even bathroom, open up the place to look expansive and limitless.  If these mirrors were to be surrounded by precious pieces of stained glass, it would look plain ethereal, wouldn’t it?  Created in shades to match your décor, stained glass mirrors don’t require any other embellishment.  They add to every reflection as light bounces off each coloured fragment.  The effects they create dance playfully around the room.  Quite poetic, really.  It’s no wonder then that stained glass often emerges as a standalone piece of art acting as engaging conversational pieces.

Spiral decoration of glass

Creative stained glass skylight

Colourful Glass Skylights

Though skylights and windows encompass the traditional usage of stained glass, a gorgeous glass skylight cover is still a popular choice amongst Singaporeans.  The innovative aspect can be introduced via the design option that you select.  The typical dome may be passé but creativity breeds in this area giving birth to numerous offbeat designs such as a spiral skylight pattern or super hero art.

Glass Door Knobs and Drawer Handles

A myriad of colours in your hand each time you open a door or a drawer.  How fascinating does that sound?  This minute detail of intricately cut pieces of stained glass can dress up a room in the most unpredictable manner.  Decorated doorknobs and drawer handles can adorn any simple cupboard, chest of drawers or room door.  They are durable, affordable and unique.

So stained glass tickles your fancy but you’re not too keen on seeing it in the regular places. Then dip into your creative well, go beyond expectations and dazzle your interiors.  You can always discuss your ideas with your local glass provider and set in motion a few new trends for stained glass usage!