Going to an office or workplace has been an age old practice ever since companies started to expand in terms of the size of their workforce. As a result, there was a need to house employees under one roof and at the same time group, segregate them according to corporate functions for ease & efficiency of operations. To keep an optimum level of privacy and also maintain ease of access & interaction, partitioning the office floor space to create an amalgamated workplace with designated work areas has become a norm. There are various ways you can divide your workplace into smaller, individual spaces.

So, let’s look at some of these means, and their suitability.

1.      Waist-height Cubicle Partitions

Open concepts are a major trend these days, reflecting upon the organizational endeavour to be inclusive, transparent, and have a culture of trust and openness. This is why the closed cabins and silos of the past are giving way to approachable workstations, signalling a more comfortable working environment. Waist-height partitions of aluminium, gypsum board, etc topped with Glass panels can adapt well to the cause, as it provides the obvious transparency along with a sturdy partitioning of work areas.

2.      Glass Cabins & Rooms

Corporate Office with Glass RoomsThe modern workplace comprises a lot of smart partitions and wall structures. Glass cabins with a single glass door entry are a norm for housing the workstations of top level executives. Such rooms are ideal for taking tele-conference calls and holding 1 to 1 meetings. Larger sized cabins with a glass wall cum entry door can serve as conference rooms for team & department meetings.

And with smart foldable room dividers and partitioning, two adjoining conference rooms can be joined to create a super-sized event room.


3.      General Glass Partitions

Using full height Glass Panels or optimizing with space to ceiling Glass Partitions is a practical way to organize the office space for functional divisions.  Provides the required demarcation as well as transparent openness for a collaborative space


4.      Free standing & customized Pods

Glass enclosure for meetingsFree standing wall partitions function as a fully customizable room within a room. It provides freedom from worrying about wiring, temperature and lighting.  It can stand independently, combining advanced stainless steel components with toughened glass panels producing unmatched room dividing capabilities.

Each glass system can be used to create straight connections, angled corners or curved applications.  Ideal for stand-up meetings and private discussions.


5.      Enclosures with Operable Glass Walls

foldable glass cabinCreate privacy on demand with operable glass walls that stack to open and slide silently to close. Such space saving solutions enhance functionality in offices, classrooms, hospitals, hotels and multi-unit lofts and just about any office space you can think of. The smooth glide is achieved with upper rollers and a flexible track system. The tracks can be installed on top of finished flooring, recessed or ramped.




Besides, the structural benefits of Glass, a lot of taints and stickers can be imprinted or embossed over the glass partitions, making it ideal for branding. This comes in handy when workplaces need to have company logos and positive thoughts, for a professional look and feel.

Creating the perfect office space has become easier, thanks to a host of material options available. These can be installed in many different configurations to give your workplace the desired look and feel. However, the dilemma of choice can at times be too overwhelming for an office planner. So, sustainability, both in terms of working and cost, should be the driving force of decisions around what partition strategy should be used.