Fancy a beautiful, hassle free and inviting table top? Glass table tops might just be the right answer.

Glass is the most widely used material in homes these days and adorning them as tabletops is one of them. With a diverse selection to choose from, glass table tops are available to suit all kind of requirements.

So how should one go about choosing the right shape and type to ensure the best fit for their home?  In this post, let us explore some key aspects.

1.      Shape & Size

unusual table with glass topGlass has an immensely brilliant quality of creating illusions,.…illusion of space, color, variety and grandeur.

While Glass table tops are available in shapes like square, rectangle, oval, circle they can also be customized to the desired design. And you’ll find them being used for dining, coffee and patio tables.

Generally, dining tables can be round, square or rectangular depending on size of the table and dining area.

Coffee table tops can be chosen depending on where it might be placed, (living room, bedroom, waiting area) round or square is the norm, but an irregular shape would give it an edgy presence.

Lastly, Patio tables are mostly outdoors, they are low lying and usually oval or round.

2.      Types

Tempered glass is 6 times stronger than regular glass; thus increasing strength and durability. As for the thickness, most glass table tops are 10-12mm thick. Besides the choice of shape, there are numerous types of glass that can help in the beautification. Glass is a material that provides 100% visibility, but by altering the opacity and translucence it can be made to suit your preference. For e.g.

  • Clear:Most common type carries the slight green tint inherent in all glass.
  • Low-Iron:Offers the clearest transparency to show true color.
  • Frosted:Partially opaque glass from acid-etching or sandblasting; can be applied all over or in strips.
  • Bronze-tinted or Grey-tinted:Adds a pale coloration, similar to car window tints.
  • Sand blasting: Surface etching, Carve etching, Shade etching


3.      Fixtures

Fixture with UV GlueTo ensure durability of the furniture and table top, fixing the glass top is very crucial, as glass can shatter easily.  There are a 3 ways to do so.

  • “Bump ons” or Silicon-ed (glued): simply stuck with wood or industrial glue
  • Bolted: With holes in the table and screws for better hold, center or sides
  • UV (ultraviolet) Glue: Extra clear glue that makes the glass look sheer clear, no marks or any sort

The last option not only provides a strong bond and also gives finesse to the table.


Some Precautions to bear in mind

While thick, toughened glass plates (that are used for table tops) are almost unbreakable, it is still glass, delicate and fragile. When transporting or moving glass, safety and handling is vital.

So, be careful and avoid hitting the edges or placing the glass down on its edges without something soft below it. Toughened glass is under great pressure, if an edge chips; it creates a weak point leading the entire piece to shatter.

Therefore, thick taping in cardboard sheets and wrapping in multiple soft layers is recommended around the edges while shifting or relocating.


Worth a thought…

Nothing beats the magnificence that glass products emit, be it for dining tables, coffee tables or patio tables. Color coordination, designs, variety, you name it and glass can provide. It can brighten up any area of your home.

Your house shall glitter like jewels and gold.                               And windows will sunshine behold

The clear surfaces will reflect then catch.                                    And clear glass, like ornaments will act!