Transform your apartment Balcony Into a spectacular Glass Canopy

Imagine it begins to rain outside, and you LOVE rainy days! For a moment, you take in that beautiful smell of water hitting the earth and feel deliciously invigorated by it.  Then reality comes crashing down on you as you realize you’ve forgotten all about rushing outside to the balcony and take in the new seat cushions before they’re drenched and ruined! And when you make it outside, you realize that you’re going to have to spend a good amount of time later to wipe away all the muddy water that’s overrun onto your balcony from the top floors……In utter dismay, you think ,”Can’t I ever just enjoy the rain?!”

The Glass Option for Balcony Treatment

You can, of course, once you start exploring your options! How to fix up your balcony in such a way that the occasional showers that are native to Singapore can be enjoyed instead of becoming a nuisance?? When you get into it, there are quite a few options for enclosing outdoor spaces in the home.

What you will be looking for is an option that will protect your balcony from the elements. There’s screens for keeping out insects, there’s blinds for controlling sunlight, and then there’s glass. Rainfall, wind and glaring heat from the sun can all make having a balcony a burden rather than the relaxing, peaceful place you’d pictured when you bought the place.  A GLASS enclosure’s main function is to protect a space from the elements. It will transform your outdoor space into an indoor one, while making that indoor space feel like the outdoors! Why? Because you’ll be able to enjoy all of the spectacular view of Nature at its best without going through the hassle of cleaning up afterwards. If that isn’t a great deal, I don’t know what is J

In case you live in a HDB or private maisonette unit, you can install sliding glass windows to cover up the frontal area. Have Glass Roofing done to get a transparent ceiling on the top.  Thickened glass is a necessity for the Glass rooftop and as far as the tint is concerned, if your main interest is to be able to still see outside, then clear glass is best.

Other Benefits of a Glass Enclosure

I’ve been talking mainly about rain, but there are other protective benefits from having a sealed glass box in the balcony, ‘sealed’ being the operative word here.

  • Firstly the sealed glass box will make the outdoor space feel like an indoor one, like mentioned before. This will also extend the spaciousness of the room that has the balcony extending from it. This indoor-outdoor type extension will add multitudes of aesthetic value to the room. Living in a beautiful home that makes you happy just looking at it, adds SO much quality to one’s life!
  • Lets not forget the dust busting benefits that a sealed glass box in the balcony would provide! No more layers of dust flying in everyday!
  • Its not just the sense of sight that needs to be pleased. Our senses of smell and hearing also need to be free of irritants to ensure a completely soothing and relaxed environment. The sealed glass box can help muffle extra loud noises while keeping out the daily humdrum of life from the inside of your home. You will also never have to smell that garbage truck passing by your house again!

So….picture yourself sitting out on that balcony, enjoying the rain, sipping your hot coffee. You can hear the faint but pleasant pitter patter on the glass skylight. You stretch out on those balcony cushions as the sound of the rain lulls you to peaceful slumber…go on, don’t just imagine it! Get out there and get yourself that glass balcony! You deserve it! 🙂