Mirrors are a given in everybody’s life, they have become an essential part of ‘decor’, changing the way a space can look. And as far as practicality goes, full length or full body mirrors lie above all others – because of the simple fact that you can see your complete self in one go – you don’t need to fumble around to make sure that your shoes match with the skirt!

Full-length mirrors can be an accessory to enhance this look – not just for dressing but also for decking up your interiors. So, lets dwell into full length mirrors, and discuss their types and the fun ways in which you can use them in your home.

Types of Full-Length Mirrors

Typically, there are two types of mirrors homeowners can choose from

Movable Suspended MirrorTraditional Full-Length mirrors

Traditional floor mirrors provide a ‘head to toe’ view. These can be free-standing or mounted on the wall.

When free standing, they are kept on the floor, leaning on the wall. Free standing mirrors often have simple bold frames and are used to accent places such as bed rooms, living rooms or entrance ways. The wall mounted mirrors, apart from being used as traditional mirrors in closets and dressing areas, can be used for decorative purposes. These often come with intricate and artistic frames, and can be even hung horizontally to give a place a wider appeal.

Chavel Mirrors

Chavel Mirrors, French by origin, are full length floor mirrors suspended on a frame from both the sides. Although, Chavel Mirrors are traditionally used in dressing areas and wardrobes, you can use the Chavel Mirrors’ vintage and rustic appeal to give an elegant look to any space.

Uses of Full-Length Mirrors (besides dressing)

Now that we know the general types of mirrors, lets look into the ways to use full length mirrors in your homes and offices.  Beyond the obvious, a full-length mirror can be used in many fun ways:

  1. Mirrors as ‘Art’: A full length mirror can be used in a living room to enhance the light coming from a balcony, or to reflect the view of the garden outside the apartment. A full-length mirror with a bold attractive frame speaks for itself and becomes artwork in a minimal set up.
  2. Lighten up your entrance way: Although a full-length mirror can be used in every part of the house, but the entrance is one of my favourite places! It is an opportunity to create an interesting ambience, and also can be used by everybody to have a final check before they leave their house.
  3. To expand a space: Full length mirrors can be used to give otherwise compact spaces a spacious appeal, by adding dimension to the space.

Enhancing Feng Shui of your Home with Mirrors

Singaporeans who are looking to create good Feng Shui in their homes, full length mirrors can help you out with that too:

  1. home with wall mirrorMirrors play a great role in Feng Shui, to the extent that they are called the ‘Aspirin of Feng Shui’. Mirrors are used as an expression of Water Feng Shui element, and the right placement of mirrors can bring beneficial energy to your home or office space
  2. As mirrors bring about the energy of the water element of Feng Shui, they can be used in the East (Health), South East (money) and North (Career) Bagua areas of your space
  3. Moreover, Mirrors can also be used to attract positive energy (or Sheng Chi) by reflecting other beautiful, positive places, like a mirror the reflects a beautiful view from a garden will draw positive Feng Shui to your place
  4. As mirrors represent water Feng Shui element, they can be used to bring calm and peace to any space. Thus, use of mirrors is highly recommended to calm down the energy in a place with stressful activity
  5. Lastly, Feng Shui dictates that use of full-size mirrors around a space, where you can see yourself completely promotes high self-esteem, and well as a strong sense of inner peace

For Feng Shui enthusiasts, you can further your knowledge on the  best practices on Feng Shui with Mirrors and master the Do’s & Don’ts before going ahead.

Buying Full-Length mirrors in Singapore

Now that we are getting to know all the benefits of full-length mirrors, let’s talk about some specifics about buying them.


While all Full-Length mirrors run from head to toe, they still come in various sizes. You can choose amongst the various sizes based of your use of the mirror. If you are shopping for a mirror to decorate your home, choose the size according to your setting, and make sure that mirror does not dominate your space, but rather ads on to it.


The price of a full-length mirror is greatly influenced by its size and the type of frame. Mirror frames can range from simple wooden frames to intricately designed Gold and Silver frames, and its price too varies accordingly.

While there are many local and online vendors you can consider when buying full length mirrors in Singapore, IKEA carries a good variety of full length mirrors ranging from $ 79 all the way to $250, if you are looking to get something simple off the shelf.

For personalised requirements with custom installation, we at House Of Glass are happy to add value to your interior décor.  So, go ahead, make your living space bright and beautiful. Mix and match, with the use of different frames, designs colour schemes and make full length mirrors your centre piece or even your signature style!