Glass: Letting in Light and Life

Today’s designers believe in being connected to the outer environ, be it a throbbing city line, calm garden, sprawling line of hills or a peaceful neighborhood.  This is because surroundings help give energy to the people who inhabit that space and draw inspiration from it.

The kind of durable and beautiful kinds of glass being manufactured today is a dream come true for architects & designers.  And it’s being used generously, tastefully to breathe life and light into a space through more than just window panes.

The popularity of glass is because it has got the unbeatable traits of beauty and brains – it is utilitarian along with being aesthetically pleasing.  It helps create an extension of your exterior, thereby brightening up an interior by bringing in the natural light and giving the impression of spaciousness due to its reflective nature.

The Beauty of Glass Rooms

While glass fixtures such as partitions, railings, skylights, etc have been used time and again to add that touch of class to interiors; imagine when the beauty of glass is being realized in the form of entire rooms or enclosures fashioned from glass. Clear glass rooms convey ethereal lightness, the uninterrupted space and light brings about openness that lets creativity flow in work places or provides relaxation and peace of mind in the case of homes.

The applications are unlimited – make a dining area from glass or an office or work area within your residence; use the medium to create children play area enclosures or exercise rooms, arts and crafts rooms and study areas.

For exteriors, Glass rooms such as an enclosed patio would seal off from the outside weather and allow one to heat or cool the space to an ideal temperature so that you may enjoy unrestricted view without being at the mercy of the external elements.

Using the uniformity of glass for the window, door and the walls for a room helps create homogeneity in a work or living space, giving it a clean, uncluttered appearance.  It also reflects the ‘less is more’ modern philosophy of today’s interior designers.  And by the way, Glass Rooms don’t have to appear transparent and lacking in privacy.  With the plethora of Glass Treatment options available like the various types of window blinds and shades, curtains and films you can have all the flexibility you need.

Experiment with the Type of Glass

When erecting a room of glass you have a variety of glass types to choose from as per your taste and usage:

a)      Clear Glass: The clean cut of glass and the manner in which it brightens and enhances a space is like no other medium.  It succeeds in giving a futuristic, clean and minimalist ambiance

b)      Frosted Glass: The opaque quality of frosted glass helps render privacy to glass areas along with letting in light while its texture can lend warmth and style to any deco.

c)      Tinted Glass: The pros of tinted glass are its versatility. Its variety of shades and styles suits any requirement may it be rooms of glass in hotels, offices or schools.

d)     Etched glass: Choose any etching on glass in an assortment of designs and colours to define and customize the character and aura of your living or office space.

Ease of maintenance

While toughened glass ensures safety, security and has practical qualities like being scratch resistant.  Its major plus point is that it is easy and quick to clean and maintain. A piece of soft cloth dipped in a general cleaning solution is all that’s needed to wipe away spots, dirt and water marks of your Glass enclosure.  Once sparkling clean it instantly gives airiness and light.

It is no wonder that glass has become the quintessential architectural and design element playing a vital role in the internal and external function of your space.