Four Benefits of Having a Mirror Wall in your home

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…a mirror is vital to your pride.  It reassures you that you look your best; points mercilessly at you when you have a flaw.  All in all, you can absolutely trust a mirror to tell the truth.

This is the reason why women – as well as men look at the mirror countless times a day.  May it be the compact mirror you keep in your purse, the rearview mirror of your car or the tall mirror in your dressing room a glance in the mirror’s direction makes you more confident to face the world.

Mirrors in your interiors

Today, mirrors are much more than a vanity accessory.  Architects and interior designers use wall mirrors astutely to play out the best features of a space – decoratively and psychologically.

Here’s 4 solid reasons why you’d want to be using wall mirrors in your interior:

1. Impression of more space

Mirrors help to give a sense of greater space by reflecting light, thus brightening a room.  If your room does not allow natural light, then positioning a wall mirror or series of mirrors opposite to the window can help reflect incoming light.  Alternatively, place a wall mirror at the entrance foyer of your apartment which can give people entering a sense of increased space.

2. Replicate your décor

Here are a few ideas to place wall mirrors to replicate tastefully done rooms in homes and offices.

  • Using a series of wall mirrors in a small bedroom or office can create a sense of flow and increased area.
  • A bed or dining table placed right next to a mirrored wall instantly appears a lot larger and multiplies space
  • Mirrors on the ceiling in windowless areas like bathrooms and pantries give the impression of skylights when the lights are turned on

3. Doubles up as a Full Length Mirror for Dressing

If your home has strategically placed wall mirrors you’ll always have an opportunity to see how you look at all times without having to dash to the bedroom or bathroom to check your reflection!

4. Added security

The added bonus when adorning your home with wall mirrors is to give the inhabitants a better and complete view of all the nooks and corners of the space.  Mirrors help keep all things under your nose and in your line of vision – yes, be it intruders or mischievous children.

So, don’t shy away from including mirrors as part your reno plans, a few and smartly positioned wall mirrors can be all it takes to make your home come alive!