When it comes to decorating a room, it’s obvious that you might get overwhelmed with loads of creative options that are available in wall art. While decor accents such as photographs, paintings, stickers or any other avant-garde choices seem to be the most common elements, off late mirrors have come off as a funky yet classic way to give the “style” touch to a space and create new dimensions in it. According to contemporary interior designers, there are no fixed rules when it comes to decorating with mirrors. They are conversational pieces of art that act like decorative windows reflecting light and emphasizing views creating impressive special effects. Apart from serving just as a functional shard of glass where you can stand and adore yourself, mirrors are now creating raves in the world of interior décor and you can spot their ubiquity by their presence everywhere – from homes to offices, hospitals to malls, conference rooms to restaurants and various public places; mirrors are simply inevitable.
Let’s have a look at the 5 most widely used mirrors in interior décor!

Aluminum mirror

Aluminum mirror with flat surface

Aluminum mirror is extensively used in architecture

The aluminum mirror has been inspiring the interior sector since ages by being the most commonly preferred alternative among decorative mirrors. These are used for personal grooming, decoration and architecture. In Singapore, you can find them as decoration mirror, cabin mirror, wall mirror, etc. This type is a great selection for wall art as it has a flat surface, smooth enough to form an image.

Silver mirror

These shimmery mirrors are produced by coating a silver film, a copper film and two layers of waterproof paint owing to which it is able to create a highly clear image. The durability of these mirrors makes it a popular choice for use in cabins, wall décor and personal grooming. These wonderful home accents if carefully staged on a wall from floor to ceiling give the illusion of the room being spacious than it is in reality.

Aluminum sheet mirror

This type of mirror is produced by coating aluminum on clear sheet glass and coating with one layer of back paint. With their ability to create splitting images this kind of mirror is a common sight in vanity vans, makeup mirrors, cabins, etc.

Safety mirror

As the name suggests, safety mirrors are safe to use as they prevent people from being hurt in case of mirror breaking. These are attached by an adhesive PE or PVC protective film (CATI) or woven fabric (CATII) on the back paint. These are gaining popularity in Singapore and you can find them attached on slider doors.

Figured mirror for interior decor

Colored figured mirror adds glamour even to a boring space

Figured mirror

Here the mirror is coated on clear figured glass or colored figured glass. It is also known to produce colored mirror on clear figured glass. Due to its colorful appeal, these are widely used in home décor.

Mirrors exemplify luxury and with these exquisite home décor accents you can add class to your lifestyle. There are endless choices available while you go selecting for a decorative mirror. So, get set to mirror decorate and change the “avatar” of any space from “boring” to “glamorous”.