Glass applications are commonplace in modern Singapore. We see them everywhere… shop frontiers, office partitions, wall to wall windows in home and commercial applications and more.  Glass in its intrinsic form poses numerous difficulties due to its delicate nature.  Thus, glass had to be treated. And thank goodness for that or we wouldn’t have all the wonderful uses that we have for it today!

Let’s have a look at four unique ways in which to utilise treated glass in your home or office.  They may give your redecoration thoughts some direction in case you’re planning to revamp your premises anytime soon.

1. Stained Glass in the home and garden

The ethereal beauty of stained glass need not be restricted to churches and chapels.  Modern stained glass designs can be installed almost anywhere in your home or commercial premises.  Stained glass room dividers or skylights throw stunning patterns around the room while restricting excess rays and increasing privacy.  The fascinating thing about stained glass is that it can applied to numerous surfaces such as garden panels, glass mosaic and even mirrors, artistically placed in and around your home.

2. Etched and Frosted office glass cabins

The purpose of etching glass is to provide a decorative means to reduce visibility.  With the modern techniques available today, such as Carve and Surface etching, one can sport a 2D or even a 3D visual on an etched glass surface.  Frosting on the other hand, gives a cool and refreshed feeling.   Many restaurants use frosted glasses to offer the impression of chilled drinks.  This trick works even with frosted glass windows or internal glass panels.

Personalised office cabins with unique etched patterns and logos can result in breathtaking offices.  Partial etching or frosting makes visible what is required and hides the rest in a classy, not too obvious, manner.

3. Laminated glass with insertsDecorative insert

Laminated glass is ideal for design based inserts due to its strength and durability.  An insert refers to two sheets of laminated glass that display between both, a plant, a stoned tile, metal formations or even some fabric to match the interiors.  This technique can be used for a complete wall or as a stand-alone decorative piece.

Glass with an insert is a masterpiece that can heighten the beauty quotient of a room in seconds.

4. Glass Floor and Ceiling

Originally seen only in flashy commercial places such as restaurants, night clubs and malls, glass flooring is now entering the Singaporean home and office space quite readily.  This contemporary idea is quite practical and has numerous advantages. Apart from adding light to the room and making a small room appear expansive, glass flooring has exquisite design implications. A section of glass flooring can be used as an aquarium or botanical spot right below your kitchen table or in the centre of your living room. You can even install LED lights below the glass and create a host of eye-catching options.

Hence, if you’re planning to install glass in an upcoming Home and Office Improvement project, be aware that there are so many innovative ways in which you can utilize treated glass to suit your evolving needs.  The rest is totally up to your imagination!