To many of us, cutting glass may seem to be something that should be left to the professionals.  And rightfully so coz Glass Cutting immediately evokes allusions of sharp edges, cuts and danger!  Given the delicate properties of Glass sheets one need to wary, no doubt.  However, cutting glass is an easier process than you may think, requiring only a few tools. It does not require a lot of strength, nor sophisticated cutting equipment and is mostly a matter of technique.  Always remember to observe safety precautions when cutting glass though, like keeping children away while doing it.

Without further ado let me reveal the basic tools that you’ll need to do simple Glass Cutting.  They are –

Cutter1. Glass Cutter

A glass cutter is used for scoring the glass prior to breaking it into individual pieces/panels.  It is obvious that glass will break when force is applied.  However, you will not be able to control the shape it breaks into.  Using a glass cutter to score the glass first allows you to break the glass along the score line with less force and more control.

2. Glass Plier

PlierThis needed to break Glass along the scored lines.  You can use your hands to break large pieces of glass that have been scored.  To break smaller pieces or long, thin strips of glass, a pair of glass pliers is essential.



Ruler3. Metal Ruler (with foam backing)

As with all rulers, this is needed in conjunction with the glass cutter to score straight lines on the glass.  The foam backing keeps the ruler in place and prevents scratches on the glass surface.


4. Glass Handling Gloves

Glass Cutting GlovesProtective gloves for safety against cuts while handling glass and glass edges are a must.  Choose heavy duty cloth or leather gloves that fit snugly.



Safety Glasses5. Safety Glasses

Needed to protect the eyes from glass splinters that may fly when breaking the glass or during sanding process.


6. Lint Free Tissues

Tissues for CleaningFor cleaning markings made on the glass for cutting using non-permanent ink, finger marks, dirt, etc.




Ethanol7. Ethanol

To be sprayed on the lint free tissues prior to cleaning the glass.



So, go ahead and embark on your glass cutting journey with these basic tools to create nifty home projects.  Trying out first on scrap glass would be a good idea for it will give you the confidence to move on to your actual project.  And do always remember that with Glass, safety should be your top priority!