Project Description

Project Background

Remove a ceramic tile roof from the existing Pavilion and install a modern looking Glass Roof design for the same.


Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar

Glazing Solution Provided

Used customized red powder coated 3mm thick Aluminium Cone Profile with Tinted Tempered Laminated Glass & Clear Tempered Glass.  The glass based cone structure was installed to replace the existing structure.

Design of Glass Roof construction

Scope of Work

Supply and installation of

  • 52 tinted laminated tempered glass c/o 6 mm tinted tempered glass
  • 52 clear PVB + 6 mm clear tempered glass c/w Eva foam
  • Structural Silicone
  • Clamping Ridge
  • Cone and Drip Edge support
  • Red powder coated angle bar in customized profile using boom lift

Time Taken

5 Days, 4 Hours

Challenges faced & Overcome

Each triangle we had split into 3 pieces instead of 2 pieces resulting in the bigger piece being 5 sided, which was hard to make perfect. Due to the structural complexity Glass requirement could not be measured very accurately, resulting in multiple templates and more time spent on glass fabrication.