The Home Improvement segment is undoubtedly an exciting one, filled with ground-breaking concepts to better our homes and offices. If one wishes to offer a regular facelift to their interiors, one would never run out of ideas, as there’s always something new in the local market to try out!

One such clever initiative from the world of Glass Treatment is of Frosted Films. “Why is this so unique?” I hear you ask… Well, that’s simply because firstly, frosted glass in itself is a genius idea. Most of us know that glass is great on our windows, fancy partitions and the like. But the unavoidable fact is that glass is transparent and has little defence against light and heat which travels freely through it. The other aspect is that plain glass is drab and has virtually no design contribution of its own. So, this is where treated or frosted glass comes into the picture.


The Option of Etched glass

The traditional way to frost glass went something like this – Abrasive equipment etching its way into the glass via hoses and nozzles, to create the frosted look. This etching or sandblasting method though tried and well tested, requires a high level of expertise and is permanent. Remember – Once etched, glass cannot be restored to its original smoothness.

Hence, we recommend Frosted Films with its multiple returns.


Frosted Film for your glass

Frosted films are simple vinyl sheets, placed onto the required surface like stencils. The stencil which has the desired pattern or words cut into it is taped to the glass surface. Canned frost is then sufficiently sprayed on the entire area.  The stencil can then be pulled off to magically reveal a perfect, crisp pattern!

This technique is brilliantly convenient and apt to glam up your glass surfaces such as windows, walls or partitions. You can even use it to spray on your company logo into the front glass door in your office.

Due to the simple installation method, frosted films are less costly than any etching or sandblasting job. They also play a handy role in controlling the light that streams through. This is especially important when it comes to the bright Singaporean sun streaming its way into our homes, heating up the place all day. Plus the design can be changed whenever required as it is after all, temporary and more prone to damage over time, than an etched surface.


Design options galore!

The other fantastic thing about frosted films are the sheer choices available. One can select from plain frost, to designs and texts cut onto the stencils. You can even create a blackboard effect in a variety of shapes and sizes.

This leads us to the many possible applications of frosted film in Singaporean homes and offices.


Applications of frosted glass films

Since most of the glass in many homes would be windows, applying frost film to them makes the most sense due to its ability to block light and heat. In fact a well frosted window may not even require curtains in certain situations. Frosted windows also ensure privacy in the bedroom or bathroom, and can even be installed inside the bathroom for the shower cubicle or partition.

For children’s rooms or studies, glass can be covered with frosted film that has a blackboard effect. This not only looks trendy but is also useful in taking notes or leaving messages for the family or yourself!

In an office setup, where the work spaces are close together, frost filmed glass creates suitable separations. It is also ideal for semi shielding of conference rooms or managerial cabins, where only half the wall can be covered with film, rather than etching the whole thing resulting in zero visibility.

Pantry doors, salon/clinic doors, cabinet doors, glass logos, dividers, partitions, the glass or mirrored wall in your home bar areas… the list of applications is endless.

So go ahead and check if any existing glass surface in your home or office could do with a good frosting. Or then is there any scope to add a misty frosted filmed glass to your premises that would increase privacy while further beautifying your space?