Quadra Glass, we really have a soft spot for thee! Call them glass cubes or glass mosaic, Quadra Glass has been one of the most spectacular trends in interior design since the last few decades. Made of recycled glass and then given a revival with creative designs, these are eco friendly elements that can give a breath of fresh life to the so called contemporary home.

In fact, Quadra Glass blocks are conventional décor accents that are jazzing up walls and fixtures in offices, malls, hospitals and public areas. They became a rage since the early 1980s and since then have never been out of style. In addition to its chic façade, it offers the benefit of privacy as well. After all, it allows the entry of light while providing adequate amount of blurring.

Talking about the magic created by Quadra Glass, nothing can be more perfect than the crisp look of this glass marvel blended with the interiors. Here we spotlight a few ways in which you can make a statement with these glass mosaics to accentuate a variety of interiors. Check out!


Let’s talk style! You can very seamlessly combine Quadra Glass in any eclectic space as a partition, say for example in a bathroom. The translucency of this glass gels brilliantly well with light colored interiors. If you have a knack for interior designing then you can embellish simply any space with such glass blocks.

Living Room

Quadra Glass for interior decor

Different Types of Quadra Glass

If you want to explore the other rooms of your house where Quadra Glass can create true design magic then you can begin with your living room. In fact, you can craft amazing interiors with wooden flooring and colorful walls in prefect juxtaposition with glass blocks in your living room. You can pull sophistication into any modern space by fixing a full length Quadra Glass at regular intervals on the walls.


Coming to the coziest space of your “home sweet home”, you can play with a plethora of ideas for your bedrooms when working up with wonderful glass alternative. It can very nicely replicate a window giving you the much needed privacy factor. You can also opt for the colorful version of glass blocks to add a bright pop of color to your room.  “Sleek” and “stately” are just the right words that can define a well lit room enhanced with the beauty of Quadra Glass.

External spaces of the home

Heading outdoors, it can really make a big impression if amalgamated in the exterior area of your home. You can use them to define a patio area, a lush garden or a terrace. Framed blocks of Quadra Glass placed at the right positions in an open area can create bold outlines to make an artistic statement.

Use of Quadra Glass in Singapore

Quadra Glass Block in Lift Lobby

HDB Lift Lobby featuring Quadra Glass Block

In Singapore, the use of Quadra Glass has picked up great momentum and it is widely being used for decorating home interiors as well exterior spaces. For example in the lift lobby of HDB Blocks in Sengkang! It serves as an exquisite welcome fixture for those who enter the lobby. And then there is the external façade of the Public Library in Geylang East. The way the glass blocks have beautified the façade is indeed remarkable. The glassy look of the accent imparts an element of splendor and class to the space.

With the use of glass being thought of as something more decorative and utilitarian, Quadra Glass can definitely be your choice the next time you want to go for a home makeover session. With all its beauty and functionality, it is definitely here to stay.