Curtains of Glass instead of Fabric?

Wondering what exactly glass curtains are? Well, they are just that! Curtains which allow in light, air and can be drawn and opened – but just fashioned from glass. They are panes of glass that fit together without intrusive and outdated framework allowing you to enjoy a complete and unhindered view of the world around your home or workplace.

Open up to the world with transparency

Glass Curtains are the latest trend in interiors, ideal for large windows, terraces, balconies or patios whether they are straight, curved, short or tall. Apt for high rise offices, apartments, townhouses, villas, restaurants as well as bars these provide an uninterrupted illusion of openness and are aesthetically sleek and stylish.

Besides, it allows streams of natural light, letting you enjoy the peaceful and inspiring view of the exteriors, or it may bring in the atmosphere of an active environment minus the noise. So, Glass Curtains are a beautiful way to break down the barrier between the inside and the outside.

Advantages of Glass Curtains

Glass Curtains can be drawn and adjusted as easily as normal curtains made from cloth or even shades.  But here are a few pros they have as compared to curtains, blinds or shades.

  1. Apt for every weather: You don’t have to bother changing the curtain clothing be it cool or warm. These glass curtains will seal you from the undesirable elements of the outside world. You get to use your terrace, patio or room all the year around, come hail or storm.
  2. Easier to clean: While cloth curtains and shades hold dust readily making it a challenge to be laundered or dusted, glass curtain are much easier to clean and give a squeaky clean sheen every time as the panels fold inwards which allows easy access.
  3. Barrier to noise: Glass curtain do what no other kind of curtains can. They can block out the noise be it from vehicular traffic, noisy neighbors or sounds of construction nearby.
  4. Add space: A clear wall of glass curtains gives you more space which might otherwise have been taken up by framed window panes and curtain pelmets.
  5. Add value: Adds that extra something, can bring in a unique selling point for your property thereby heighten your resale value.

Safety aspects of Glass Curtains

While open terraces and balconies make your home an easy target for burglars, when your home has the security of glass curtains secured by internal locks it makes the system intruder proof and easy to use, clean and maintain.  Glass curtains offer various opening possibilities as well as the opportunity to incorporate different locking system. The 10mm tempered glass typically used can withstand climatic elements and a wind velocity of up to 200kph.

Voila! there you are…with glass curtains, the best features of the outside flow in to make your interior bright and spacious, while blocking out the unwanted.