Why Glass Railings are the most sought after these days

Glass railings are a breath of fresh air as far as architectural elements go.  They come armed with three essential features which are responsible for their growing popularity – they have the right utility, are durable and hey, they look darn good! They also offer versatility to accommodate custom capabilities, which certainly adds to the growing taste for glass railings in commercial venues as well as homes.

Advantages of opting for Glass Railings versus others

  1. Aesthetically pleasing: Undoubtedly, the look and charm glass railings bring to an interior is matchless. This is the reason most people opt for this element, but later they realize that these railings come with a lot more advantages.
  2. Offer an uninterrupted view: Whether it be a patio, loft or open stairs; in office buildings or malls, the ability of transparent glass railings to provide visibility through and through gives a clean, uncluttered look.  There is no blocking of a fantastic view or décor, which can be a major turn-off when using metal or wood railings.
  3. Perfect to combat weather conditions: The clear advantage to choosing glass railings over hardwoods is that they don’t require the constant maintenance of painting or finishing. This is especially a huge pro for decks, patios and balconies which are constantly exposed to changing weather conditions. The outer surface of laminated glass panels typically used are better suited to tolerate extreme temperatures and is not vulnerable to surface cracking.
  4. Easy to Clean: Glass railings are easy to clean and when sparkling clean, they will enhance the interior like nothing else.
  5. As Sturdy & Safe as other: Glass railings can be fashioned from tempered glass panels in addition to be being laminated.  This offers such durability that it will not shatter even if it is cracked on great impact.  This makes glass railing as sturdy and safe as wood or purely metal-based railings.
  6. Easy to Install: Stylish and airy glass railings are also easy and light to handle and install.  The glass railing systems use high quality of parts and a neatness of the joints which can be assembled and re-assembled simply.

Options with Glass Railings

Interior and exterior glass railing systems come in a variety of forms which include frameless or with an aluminum post system.  The thickness of the tempered/laminated glass in railings will depend on the type of railing system you choose. 12.76 mm thick glass is popularly installed for private buildings, while the glass used in public premises is determined according to the load in the location as per the requirement of the engineer or architect.

Depending on your usage and preference you can choose glass railings from –

To add that touch of inimitable class and heighten the re-sale value of your space, opt for the pros of popular glass railings